Saturday, April 11, 2009

Stewie's Sit-Down Strike

I gotta admit, I'm stymied. What dog doesn't love to take a walk? The Lakeland Trail is pretty innocuous -- it's just a long, flat, paved, revamped railroad. I carried Stewie a good distance from the road. Then I set him down on the ground and expected him to follow along. Here's what he did.

I put a leash on him to try to coax him to follow. He simply flattened himself on the ground, with his legs stretched straight out behind so that his body resembled a bear rug. He allowed himself to be dragged along the pavement on his belly.

I ended up carrying him about a mile and a half. Finally on the way back, he decided to come to life. He ran circling around me, barking and yapping, the rest of the way.

I guess I will have to scrap any plans for him carrying a backpack.

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