Monday, April 21, 2008

Cliffy - Day 7

I took him out and longed him both directions for a good 20 minutes today. He was not nearly as enthused today, but it was hot, he is fat, and this was work! Plus, may have been sore from his antics yesterday. He walked and trotted. He stumbled a couple of times, but that's normal for him when he's out of shape and his feet are long. I noticed some stiffness/discomfort when he was using the leg at a canter. But when I walked him to cool down, he did not limp at all. I thought that was a good sign.

I will be able to tell more when I get him under saddle. He had worked up a little sweat. He was grateful to quit, and I left him standing in the cross ties while I went and got the camera. Then I led him out, stretched him and dropped the lead rope. He immediately put his ears up and started posing! He is such a ham!

This is one of the pics I took -- I airbrushed the black lead rope out.


Grey Horse Matters said...

He's an adorable ham though.

Nancy said...

Yes he is! :-)