Friday, August 29, 2008

Jon Update

Well, yesterday I spoke to Jon for the first time in a couple of months. He was moved out of ICU on Thursday and at first was very forgetful and somewhat incoherent. He is too weak to even lift his arms. He's undergoing physical therapy and yesterday he sat up for the first time. A couple of other family members called to talk to him, but I told Judy I'd wait until he asked for me.

Then yesterday he did! "Can you hear me?" he said. "I'm still alive, and kickin'!"

He started telling me he wanted to get a couple of horses and go trail riding with me up in the hills!

It was very emotional talking to him, but it was so great to hear his voice. He's pretty frustrated with being bedridden, but the physical therapists report that he's doing great.

Boy, what a good day yesterday was.

Thanks everyone for the positive thoughts. I am so grateful for everything.

Stable Scoop Radio Show

The Stable Scoop Radio Show has posted its 3rd Episode.

Stable Scoop is a horse related podcast. I'll be the guest star talking about Clifford around the end of September. YAY! I love talking about Clifford and Morgan horses, not to mention Drummond Island. (See, if I were more organized I'd know the date and time right off. Check back for more info!) You can listen on their site at, and even
subscribe through iTunes.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Grendel went (all too gladly) to his new home today. (He didn't even bother to tell me goodbye before hopping in her car! Now that's gratitude for ya!) The call from his mom came in this evening and she announced that he is romping in the back yard with his new brother, Bogie, also a German shepherd. Bogie lost his brother to lymphoma earlier this year and has been somewhat depressed. He needed a lively soul like Grendel to come and cheer him up.

Grendel's new mom Robin assured me that when she brings a dog home, IT NEVER LEAVES. She and I did a little bonding as her other dog went through six months of chemo and then she lost him at age nine. It reminded me exactly of why Ripple came into my family and how she helped Cajun so much. Now Grendel will be someone else's therapy dog.

Grendel's story could have so easily gone the other way, just a few short months ago. A happy ending does my heart good.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jon's Diagnosis

Thanks to a lung biopsy performed on Thursday, Jon has been diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis. It's a type of vasculitis. This happens to about three out of a million people.

A CAT scan today revealed that he may have suffered a small stroke. Jon is breathing now on his own, drinking juice and water, and today started eating. He is still very weak and will require physical therapy.

I am hoping to make another trip West in a few weeks.

Thanks to all of you for helping me through this!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Travel to Seattle

The reason I've been so quiet over the past two weeks is that I've just survived a rather harrowing trip back to Seattle. My brother Jon has been in intensive care for two weeks due to a mysterious illness that had caused him to bleed into his lungs. Boy, it was touch and go for a few days there. Thanks in part to his own particular brand of fortitude, he seems to be recovering. I had to fly back on Thursday but I learned today that they have removed the tube and Jon is now breathing on his own and waking up.

Here's a website the family created for updates on him:

Nearly the whole family was out there for several days last week. Despite the stressful premise of the journey, we did manage to get some quality time together. In particular, there was one evening at a harbor with brother Dan and sister Raechel and Jon's sons Blaine and Erik. We ate seafood and had a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline including the space needle.

And, during one of my many trips shuttling sis in law Judy from her home in Ellensburg to the hospital in Seattle, Dan rode along and we stopped at the lovely Snoqualmie falls. The drive through the Cascade Mountains is spectacular!

There are reasons for everything, and traveling for this reason is never the most ideal situation. But with the love and support of family, times can be easier and good memories can be shared. And with a brother as tough as Jon, things can actually turn out okay in the end.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Cheap Horse Transport

I found this interesting site on horse transport. They have opportunities to get good deals on moving all kinds of other stuff too.

There are a couple of articles about teaching your horse to load, checking a horse trailer, preparing for shipping, etc.

I am thinking a relocation may be in order in the near future for me, so this is good to know.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Grendel One-Ups Me

See that knowing look? (Is he WINKING?!) It's because Grendel is full well aware that he has finally REALLY impressed me.

When I pulled up the hill today, I was surprised to see a coyote duck into my garage as the door opened. Of course, it was no coyote. It was a German shepherd dog who had gotten loose. I was really surprised that Grendel was still in the yard. He hadn't gone to harass Ken's chickens or run back to Eddie's (as far as I know). He had stuck around. In fact, he let me pull right up to him without attacking the car. I rolled the window down and spoke to him, and he got very excited and dashed back and forth alongside as I pulled in, but he DID NOT TRY TO BITE THE TIRES. (I am thinking this might be due to some of my desensitizing work with the wheelbarrow?) He jumped up on the car door to see me through the window.

I opened the door and immediately gave him huge praise for leaving the car alone. He seemed very happy and very proud of himself. Rip was in the back seat and when she hopped out, he greeted her enthusiastically. (She remains unimpressed.) He was clearly relieved to see both of us.

He came inside and immediately stretched out on his side after eating a big meal.

I am astonished by this pup's rapid recovery. In about eight weeks' time, he has flourished with just a little TLC.

Surprisingly to me, but probably not to anyone else, now I'm starting to think up reasons to keep him. I have a very nice lady who is anxious to meet him and wants to take him on a trial basis. I really hate the thought of bouncing him around again. But at the same time, I can barely afford the house and I'm really living on the edge right now -- and probably will be for the next two years. I can't deprive him of a wonderful home when I don't have time or money.

I live by a strict code, and that is, if I can bear the thought of letting them go, I do it. It's the only reason I haven't been overrun by animals.

Boy, rescue can be a really bittersweet thing. I quit doing it some time ago because my heart couldn't take it anymore -- much less my pocketbook. I didn't want Grendel... He was sort of thrust upon me.

But I guess one never really does stop doing rescue, does one?!