Monday, November 24, 2008

My Dog Rania

Another dream came true for me today, as one of my dogs got to be a movie star! Ripple is starring in, "My Dog Rania", a short film about some med students who find the cure for a virus, with the help of the dog owned by a victim.

Rippy and I had a great time at the shoot today. We did scenes in the science lab at Wayne State. Rippy was a pro!!! Rippy was a rescue puppy and she has always been a little on the timid side. I thought she would be nervous when I lifted her up on the table so they could give her "injections", but she was completely fine with everything. She had to run around a corner and got led into the lab, and then poked and prodded by everyone. She handled everything just fine and did everything I asked her to do.

We'll be doing some more filming on Wednesday.

Here's a picture of her with the cast. The lady in black in the center is the director, Marija. The leading lady, Jennifer, is holding up Rippy's name tag I had made for her that says, "RANIA".

This has been my most fun with a film yet! I'm so proud of her!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grendel Update

I just got this pic of Grendel, now Achilles, from his new mom, Robin. He has been keeping her on her toes. He's still a major brat, but she has worked hard to get a handle on him. He's taking classes now and as you can see, living like a king! She said he is up to 72 lbs now. He and his new brother, Bogey, just play and play. Achilles wears Bogey out, but Bogey has a new lease on life now.

Today's Project - Andalusian

A high-stepping Andalusian in oil pencil/conte. I like the colors in this piece. It's about 9 x 12", listed on eBay.