Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Grendel Progress

Here is a pic of him playing today.

I make sure to always walk away from him, fast, and we moved over a big area all around the place. I even hid on him a couple of times and he always came directly to find me. Once I went out the back door of the garage and left him inside. Instead of taking off or going out the big front garage door, he went to the door to get into the house and was waiting there when I came in.

It is pretty hot out today and he wears out easily. He is still dragging the longe line but I think he is learning that I am someone to keep up with, instead of the other way around.

When we came inside, he did come trotting up to me when I said his new name. He knows it now. He is definitely more into play and pets than food.

We were just heading out on our leash walk (after the ball game and a short rest in the house) when we met neighbor Ken up by the mailbox. Ken was in his van. He shouted "Rocky!" I let Gren go up to him, and he put his hand out but pulled back saying, "I'm afraid he'll bite me." (He was always afraid of Cajun too.)

"He won't bite you," I said. "But he might jump up on your car."

We talked about him a little bit and Ken said Eddie was really happy that I have him. I said he just needed someone to play with him. Then he said, "Look at how he is just standing there! He would never do that before!"

He pointed and sure enough, Grendel was just standing quietly next to me waiting to continue the walk. I remembered how he used to go bananas on the leash with Eddie every time a vehicle came by.

As Ken started backing out, though, Grendel started a little bit of the lunging and squealing. "Here's the old stuff," I said to Ken. But I just turned and walked away from it and he came along.

When we got back from the walk, we got to the base of my hill and I took him off the leash. He ran free all the way back to the house.


Anonymous said...
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Grey Horse Matters said...

he's a beautiful dog and he sounds like he's learning fast.

Rising Rainbow said...

Sounds like he's very smart. That's cool.

Gecko said...

It sounds like he has found the right owner in you, and some really cute photos. So good to hear that he's learning so quickly!

You know when you mentioned about biting it reminded me of the other day, I went to my best friend's place and she was inside. One of her dogs (I'll call him E) was off the chain because he was being put down the next day due to arthritis coming on. I've known this dog for about 6 years, and he's a nice enough dog, a Red Heeler, and so I wasn't scared of him. He was growling but I figured it was just another act. When I went to walk past him he beared his teeth so I froze, and he had a bit of a go at me. Not mauling but just had a nip at me. I went inside and said, "E doesn't like me anymore!" And she asked if he nipped me. I've never, ever been scared of a dog in my life until that day. Even later when I walked back outside behind my friend and he came up and licked my hand I was still petrified and froze.

Nancy said...

Hi Gecko,

Thanks for the nice comment. As to your friend's dog... Well, sometimes when they are in pain, their behavior changes. They get crabby just like people.

It is scary though, when a dog comes at you, isn't it?!

Nancy said...
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