Saturday, March 14, 2009

Stewie Update

Housebreaking was getting nowhere. I was getting worried the constant peeing, peeing in the crate etc. might be due to Stewie's congenital problem. I met Lori and we took him to her vet. He has a BAD bladder infection. Both Lori and the vet COULD NOT BELIEVE the difference in him after three weeks. He was doing sits, downs and his little dance twirl for treats. He was happy and attentive. Lori said it was amazing. He has gained ¾ of a lb (now up to about 5 ½ lbs), and is a little thin but I imagine it is because he’s burning it all off right now. Lori couldn’t get over how much his coordination/movement has improved. That’s all muscle tone. She also kept commenting on how quiet and happy he was in the crate.

I was relieved to know that he is indeed growing. It’s hard for me to tell. I did know his muscle tone was better but couldn’t tell about size. Also vastly relieved about the infection. He's on Clavamox and we'll see how he does with the crate-peeing when his health improves!

We came home and Rip wore him out with some playtime.


Mrs Mom said...

Yay STWEIE!! What a big man he is learning to be, in great hands!! Hope is Bladder Infection heals up real fast. Bet he does even better faster then!! ;) Please give him a rub from us. He is just tooooo blasted cute!

Anonymous said...

He's just a doll. Rippy is gorgeous, too....and patient!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nancy,
Good to see the pic's of the little fellow. Great to hear he is doing so well.