Sunday, April 10, 2011

Today's Equine Art - Zenyatta

When I started researching Zenyatta I was struck by the length and beauty of her neck. I decided to portray her with neck arched as if during warmup. This is oil pencil, 9 x 12". She is listed in my Etsy shop.


Jessica said...

This is beautiful! I love your drawings.

I also was completely entertained by your Clifford videos. Clifford Goes Shopping is great! What an impressive horse.

Joni said...

Beautiful horse art Nancy! By the way, do you post your horse art on this blog: Horse Artists International Gallery - If not contact that blog's owner and ask about posting there.

Nancy said...

Thanks guys! Yes Jessica, Clifford is a character. Thanks for watching his videos! And Joni -- I haven't heard of that blog but will check it out. Thank you!