Sunday, September 8, 2013

My Best Cat

The naughty and hilarious murder mystery, "My Best Cat" is finally getting some attention now that it's available on Kindle.  I've been asked if the characters are based on real people, and if people in the cat fancy are really that crazy.  In a word, yes!

I would say the characters are generalizations of people that I have known.  Roxanne Moore, the belligerent and promiscuous redhead who gets murdered in the restroom, is based on several people I know.  Tracy Pringle is a character that several Ohio cat fanciers might recognize.  Her pasty and tepid husband might not show up as recognizable, but that may be because those types tend to fade in real life.  I had so much fun writing this book!  What a great catharsis it was.

If I get ambitious, my hero Kim Norwich may appear in another future mystery.

I have to say my favorite character was probably Ginny.  Her vapid obsession with her Persians, and characters from, "The Sound of Music" was so sad and poignant that I found myself wishing her well.

The cats themselves were fun too:  The spunky Japanese Bobtail, the sweet Devon Rex, and of course my inimitable Somali.

Even though I fled the cat showing world a number of years ago, I have maintained some good friends who still reside on that planet.   Those are the individuals walk on the saner edge of the lunatic fringe.

I had some complaints about the formatting of the book, wherein people had trouble following the characters as the point of view switches with each chapter.  I agree it was an unusual way to present the story, and it gave me a good exercise in narrative voice. 

"My Best Cat" is an extreme departure from my Clifford stories, as it is adult fiction.  I am glad there are some cat lovers who are having fun reading it.

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