Saturday, March 29, 2008


We took a little ride this evening. The red winged blackbirds serenaded us as we clopped up the road.

Clifford was happy to go; in fact he stopped me from taking his halter off. He mashed his lips against mine and stood there for a long time, gently flipping his upper lip against mine. He had a glazed over look. I half expected him to slip me the tongue.

Finally I convinced him it was time to quit kissing and get the bridle on. I kept a loose rein, allowing him to drop his head and plod along. He did not have the usual spring in his step, but wasn't limping either.

We went a couple of miles down the road and then came back. As we approached home, he got a little frisky and wanted to pick up the pace. I let him trot a little, then he slowed to a canter. I wondered if a canter is easier, less jarring on the knee.

I haven't treated him with anything yet besides supplements. But I had a call from my friend, longtime Morgan trainer Sandy Crechiolo, who gave me lots of encouragement and referred me to a local vet that she said was very good with joints.

On to the next phase!

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