Saturday, March 29, 2008

Today's Watercolor - Leopard Appaloosa

I have a funny story about this painting. (Well, at the time it wasn't so funny.)

I used masking fluid as usual to keep the white areas white. I had highlighted the edge of the horse's face on the right, with a dark green background. I painted all around the mask, which took a couple of hours, and then I pulled the mask up.

The mask, as it came up, took the top layer of paper with it! The tear spread far into the green area and ruined the profile of the horse.

I attempted to remain calm, looked at it for a minute, then took it to my paper cutter and simply trimmed the green part off. The funny thing is, I think this looks better! It was a happy accident.

It's in my Yessy gallery here:

From a distance, with the lilac highlights, I think it almost resembles a floral.

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