Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Grendel went (all too gladly) to his new home today. (He didn't even bother to tell me goodbye before hopping in her car! Now that's gratitude for ya!) The call from his mom came in this evening and she announced that he is romping in the back yard with his new brother, Bogie, also a German shepherd. Bogie lost his brother to lymphoma earlier this year and has been somewhat depressed. He needed a lively soul like Grendel to come and cheer him up.

Grendel's new mom Robin assured me that when she brings a dog home, IT NEVER LEAVES. She and I did a little bonding as her other dog went through six months of chemo and then she lost him at age nine. It reminded me exactly of why Ripple came into my family and how she helped Cajun so much. Now Grendel will be someone else's therapy dog.

Grendel's story could have so easily gone the other way, just a few short months ago. A happy ending does my heart good.

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Gecko said...

Grendel is gone? Aww no! But at the same time I am pleased he has gone to another loving and happy home.