Sunday, August 24, 2008

Jon's Diagnosis

Thanks to a lung biopsy performed on Thursday, Jon has been diagnosed with Microscopic Polyangiitis. It's a type of vasculitis. This happens to about three out of a million people.

A CAT scan today revealed that he may have suffered a small stroke. Jon is breathing now on his own, drinking juice and water, and today started eating. He is still very weak and will require physical therapy.

I am hoping to make another trip West in a few weeks.

Thanks to all of you for helping me through this!!!


Grey Horse Matters said...

Hope all goes well and he has a speedy recovery.

Gecko said...

Well it must be a relief to know what is causing the problem, one less thing to worry about at least!

Victoria Cummings said...

I hope he recovers quickly. You're a good sister!