Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Fam

Here's a pic of Dad and Mom and Amanda, from last week when I was up North for Amanda's birthday. She turned 38 on the 24th.

We had a great day! We did our traditional thing -- the two of us (since our third partner in crime Judy has relocated with Jon to Washington -- we called her from the pizza place to gloat! HA HAH!!!) went to the movies ("The Women" starring Meg Ryan and we loved it!) and then did the traditional "Bluff Yell".

The Bluff Yell was instigated by Amanda several years ago -- I think when she turned 34. She wanted to go up on a hill "over all the houses and people" and yell out her age. So every year I drive us to the biggest hill I can find -- the back of LSSU campus where it looks over the international Bridge to Canada. We yell and scream our ages until we are hoarse.

Sometimes we lie, but the truth eventually comes out.

It seems to make the whole aging process a little easier!

1 comment:

Eppie said...

sounds fun!

One thing- your family members are bit to the hefty & big side ha?

don't you/they ever worry about it?