Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Word is "'Tude!"

Well, does THIS look like a mare who has foundered? ;-)

Here are a few pics of Trudy playing in the back yard today. I wouldn't say she is 100%, yet, but.... Well, just look at her!

Her feet x rayed between five and eight. That means the rotation is mild to moderate. She had her feet trimmed on Friday. That day, she started going back outside. She is still barefoot. I stopped soaking her hay, since it has been cold and she steals Clifford's hay anyway. The hay I am feeding is a late cutting, rough and straw-like, all grass.

I started her on StemEquine on the day she was x rayed, January 19th. She'll be x rayed again in a few weeks.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Trudy looks pretty good to me. Hope her next set of x-rays show improvement.

Victoria Cummings said...

I'm so glad that Trudy is feeling better. Did the x-rays actually show that she had foundered? Another poster child for Stem Cell Equine!

yedips said...

She looks great! So very happy that it was caught at an early stage!! :)

Jessica Burkhart said...

Aw, great pics! :)

Whin said...

I looked at the first picture and said out loud "OH MY GOD THAT IS *SO* MORGAN." She looks like a mare version of my Drummer! I'm glad she's doing well, and I hope for her continued recovery.