Saturday, February 21, 2009

Holy Terrier - Day 3

As the puppy gets more comfortable, he gets more fiesty. He hates to be restrained! I realized today that he's going to need work. He resents having his moutn opened and teeth handled, and screams when I touch his nails. He would be one of those dogs that is hellish to groom or take to the vet. So, we will be starting a new routine. I hold him on his back on my lap, and force him to just put up with all kinds of stuff.

His vision, I am learning, is a challenge. He will wander off toward a tree, thinking it's me. His ears perk up when I call him, and he tries to find me. He is cheery about the whole business. Today he started wandering away in the fresh snow, and I sent Rip after him. She bounded around him in a circle and came back. He tried to follow, but when she moved out of his field of view, he began to wander again. I noticed today he was beginning to use his nose, sniffing the air in an attempt to track us. I like this and will continue to encourage this seek and find behavior. I want him to stay close.

All the activity tired him out and this evening he snuggled up to Rip. To my surprise, she endured it... For a while!


ckinney said...

Nancy, he's just a doll! Hope he's a "keeper". Are you going to have his vision checked out? I looked at a couple of Cairn terriers before I got Sunshine. They are just adorable. Maybe one day I can get one from your friend (????) One never knows. Still contemplating an Aby.

Victoria Cummings said...

You've taken on a handful - but he's a cutie! Rip reminds me of my Pepper when she has to put up with those "me first" youngsters. Maybe she will teach him how to be a good boy.