Saturday, November 28, 2009

Clifford at the Beach - Sept 2009

Clifford at the Beach from Nancy Bailey on Vimeo.

Clifford and Trudy spend a day romping at the beach on Drummond Island, with Rip and Aunt Vickie and me. Clifford enjoys the sun, sand and the beach grasses, but not nearly as much as he enjoys mugging for the camera!


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy! ok I so want to come to Drummond! Of course I will have to bring along my trail riding buddy Cd! Trudy & Clifford look really good. How is Trudy? I miss driving her. Get time send me an email! Take care Jacki

Blasé said...

That Clifford is something else!

Karen McLain said...

How wonderful to see Cliffy at play!