Saturday, November 14, 2009

Clifford Auditions for David Letterman's "Stupid Pet Tricks"

Aunt Vickie found out that Channel 6 in Lansing was holding auditions for "Late Night With David Letterman". We immediately realized that as a budding artist, Clifford needed to try out by painting Dave's portrait. We hauled him back downstate yesterday and today, we gave him a bath, with the help of Vickie's niece, Ellie. Ellie washed his feet, and he obligingly lifted his tootsies so she could get the bottoms too.

After his bath, Aunt Vickie boosted Ellie aboard for a photo opp...

"Cliffy's Angels"

Brushing out his tail was a group effort.

When we arrived at the auditions, I spent a little time warming Clifford up. He was acting like he didn't really feel like painting. I urged him to find his muse.

I decided to put him to work, making him concentrate on other things besides his art. We did some walking in the parking lot and even some longeing.

He was earning some clicks and apples but his efforts were pretty half-hearted.

He just wasn't into his tricks like he normally is. I was a little worried that he might not paint at all.

Then, just before we were to go on, I realized what was missing: He wanted praise! I started scratching him and hugging him and telling him how great he was, and he perked right up. Then he really got into it.

We had set up the table with Dave's portrait in a frame. When the crew started filming, Clifford marched right over to the table with me, grabbed the sponges and did a quick painting of Dave.

He painted a blue circle, then a red stripe for the tie. Then he did a fleshy spot in the circle for the face. He finished it off with some grey hair at the top.

This is the photo he worked from.

Quite a striking likeness! We wonder if Dave will call.

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