Friday, January 15, 2010

Clifford Signs His Own Book

Well, this may be a first in the horse world. Clifford is signing his own life's story, in watercolor.

I was asked to donate something to the Michgan Morgan Futurity Gala in February, so I thought maybe a signed Clifford book might be just the thing. Or, even better if he signed it himself.

I weighed the book down in the barn aisle with a couple of horse shoes so it would stay open while he worked. I put a little color on the sponge and laid it on the title page.

He's so seasoned now with the sponge, that the minute he saw it he didn't even hesitate. He walked right over and started shoving it around with his nose.

This one is up on eBay. I am thinking this might be nice for upcoming events where he can be present and sign his own books for people.

Next he has to learn to type, and then he can write them, too.

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