Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Horse Who Signs His Own Biography

Clifford cracks me up. He and Trudy came running in for dinner this afternoon. I had this proof copy of the new book, "Clifford's Bay", which I decided to put up on eBay today. I told Clifford I had peppermints. I set the book on the barn aisle floor, propping it open with horseshoes as usual while he watched from his stall. I had a sponge all ready with color on it and laid it on the open facing page.

I slid his stall door open and he walked out and went directly to the book, and began pushing the sponge around. "Good boy!" I said. I gave him a peppermint, and then he started painting again. He earned two more peppermints and then I decided that was enough. I said, "Come on," and I went back toward his stall. He turned around as if to follow me, but when he saw where I was going, he just stopped and stood there looking at me.

"Come on," I said. "Come in here. Don't you want another mint?"

I even showed him the mint, and he actually turned around and went back to the book and started painting again! He wanted to keep working!

Forsaking candy for the creative endeavor? I guess he really is a true artist. I wish I had more books for him to sign.

Ebay link.