Monday, May 3, 2010

3 New Clifford Paintings

Countdown to Clifford's book signing debut: 5 days! Just took him for a little ride. He was in rare form, playing around a lot, and then he blasted up the hill like a contender for the Kentucky Derby.

After the ride, we worked on some new paintings. In his enthusiasm, Clifford got paint all over everything today, including himself and me.

"Still Life", 11x15" I like the way he "grounded" this with the horizontal lines of color at the bottom.

"Apple Tree," I love this! The sweeping feel of it, and the flashes of color. This is his smallest piece so far, being only 9x12".

"Forsythia," 11x15", bright and bold!

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river art said...

i love the still life, the colours are amazing,