Thursday, May 20, 2010


Clifford is working with a new target stick -- a modified longe whip. Even after years of longeing, in just a few minutes, Clifford figured out that he needed to follow the stick instead of moving away from it. Surprised the heck out of me! He was trotting BEHIND it instead of AHEAD of it, following it over little jumps and everything! Is this just using another part of the brain, or what? Hoodathunk he could still have such a bag of tricks after all these years.


Chris said...

What a clever horse! Indeed, I couldn't imagine mine learning to follow the lunging whip! He starts to move as soon as I've lifted it off the ground ;)

Fran said...

I do admire your work Nancy! It's really awesome.
It shows that you are a true animal lover the way you can capture it on canvas.
You said that: “what once started as a blog like ramblings became a book”. I also started a blog and now it became a book, but only a book on a blog. You also said: By the shores of Gitchee Gumee by the shining Big-Sea-Water, came a little red horse! It's a real beauty!

More than fourteen years ago a little duckling was born near my front door. It was the best that could happen to me.
I hope that your Clifford may still live a long and happy life together with you. Cherish every moment that you can share with him. Time flies much too fast.
Beautiful videos!
Now I'm going to read more about your dear Clifford.:)

Nancy said...

Thanks Chris and Fran. Clifford is enjoying all the attention. We are looking forward to a fun and eventful tour this year!