Monday, April 22, 2013

How Does a Horse Celebrate His Birthday? At the Library!

It all started something like this!

 Then, 20 years later, Clifford did an appearance at Roscommon MI County Library.

We were swarmed at the door!
 It was a Birthday Bash to remember!

Clifford got a horse-sized birthday card!
What horse could resist this plate of home made peppermint treats?

Not this one!
And a good time was had by all!
"It's not every day you have a real horse IN the library, but Clifford was a perfect guest!  We had over 70 children enjoy the program, and they have asked for him to come back again and again! Clifford even autographs his books! I would strongly recommend having Clifford the horse come to your library!"
~ Lisa Sutton, Roscommon Area District Library

Clifford turns 22 today, and going strong!  We are still working on his 2013 tour.  Please share our campaign site and spread the word!


Select Ann said...

Will you travel anywhere for a book signing?
Ann Hayden~

Nancy Bailey said...

You know what they say! "If the price is right..." :-)