Monday, December 16, 2013

Clifford's Expos, Eh?

We were excited to learn that the Novi Equestrian Expo and Novi Pet Expo, both traditionally held in November, were under new management this year.  The new promoters were enthusiastic and happy to add Clifford to their entertainment list for both events.

After a summer hiatus, Til was happy to climb back in his suitcase to perform his freestyle frisbee routine for the amazing Rock N Roll K9s Performance Team.

Este got leathered up for the event and auditioned for the Rock N Roll K9s.  She made a good effort, especially climbing the A-frame, which she had never done before.  She ended up outrunning me on the course and passed her audition with flying colors! 


 As for Clifford, he spent both weekends creating new art, hobnobbing with vendors, making friends with a lot of kids, and signing books.  He was in his element, for sure!  I had a few fleeting thoughts back to our scare in August, and I will be forever grateful.

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