Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday's Ornament - Belgian Tervuren

A Belgian Tervuren expresses joie de vivre in this lively watercolor. I had a lot of fun with this commission. I met the big Terv, named Twister, at a dog show in Mason. I had my trusty digital camera along and Twister posed patiently while I photographed him.

Twister's owner has artists in her family, so she was savvy enough to give me artistic license with the commission. I thought it would be neat to have him leaping through the air as his name suggested.

I didn't have any pictures of him in midair, but I had a good representation of his markings and features, so guess who the "airborne" model was? That's right! Good ol' Cajun, my own happily flying friend!

Now Caje is a lot bigger boned than a Terv, so I had to take that into account. But it all worked out. Twister's owner was thrilled with the original watercolor, and this resulting ornament is my best-selling Terv piece. Belgian shepherd fans tell me that it embodies the true spirit of the fun-loving Tervuren.

I never told them the model was a German shepherd!

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