Saturday, April 18, 2009

Equine Art and Cliffy Pics Are Fine, But....

Word has it what I REALLY need to blog about is Stewie. Check out those choppers! GRRRR.... He's not chomping on me quite as hard as he used to. It's like he learns everything that a normal puppy does; it's all just coming later.

Yesterday he actually came running when I called him! Housebreaking is still a challenge. He's going on five months old, but I have to keep in mind that bladder-wise, he is currently in the stage of about an eight week old puppy. If I take him outside every fifteen minutes, he does okay. He gets really excited about praise. His eye contact is getting better all the time and recently he just started looking up at me from the floor, and he looks me right in the eye when I talk to him. I can't tell for sure if his vision is improving.

He still loves to beat up on Rip! He's happy all the time and has a real sense of fun. He weighs over seven lbs now! He's gained over three lbs since I've had him.

I got him a rope toy, which he LOVES! He swings it around, growls and snarls and shakes it! It's hysterical! I really think he's going to be okay.

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Cindy said...

Stewie is adorable. Thanks for the update. I love Rippy's expressions. What great dogs they both are.

P.S. Sunshine does the EXACT same thing with her rope toy. Terriers......aren't they comical little creatures?