Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Weekend With Movie Stars

I had a thrilling weekend at Quarterfest in Nashville. My friend Rex Peterson gave a demo with some of his movie horses. Here he is with Tuff, who was in Appaloosa, Flicka and some other films. Tuff is a son of Doc's Keepin Time, aka Justin, who starred in Black Beauty. Rex is doing a quick demo in the barn aisle. I will upload some videos on YouTube tomorrow.

I posed with Cache, the big BIG sorrel stallion that Viggo Mortensen rode in Appaloosa, and Tuff. Do I look slightly euphoric?


Karen McLain said...

Exciting! I wish I was there. Sometime I will tell you about Pistol, the horse Sharon Stone rode in The quick and the dead. He was afraid of the shadows from aircraft. He would spook everytime the flew over us!

Karen McLain said...

I was a Wrangler for a number of years, and many of these horses had been in movies, before or during the time they were owned by the Scott family. Pistol was a small dark horse, that knew how to rear on cue, (we never had him do this), and was a kids horse by the time I met him. He was a good horse, but I just had to time my trail ride route to stay away from the air craft shadows. They would cause him to shy to the side every time! Pistol died of heart failure about 7 years ago.