Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ugly Ducklings?

Today I finally got to meet the babies. I've been seeing these swans on my daily walks for a couple of months now. Momma swan seems so happy to be finally off that nest! The dad swan was good about trading duties with her. Her right foot is half gone, so she doesn't walk very well. She was using her left foot to scrape the bottom and kick up stuff for the babies to eat. When I showed up, she brought them over without hesitation. Seeing them was a nice little spring event!


Anonymous said...

You take such good pictures!
I never understood why baby swans are called Ugly Ducklings, because I think they're really beautiful: that blend of grey and white plumage!

Chartan said...

I think they're called ugly ducklings because they don't look like ducklings, they look like baby swans.