Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Today's Watercolors - by Clifford!

It’s going to sound crazy, but Cliffy and I worked all afternoon on a system for his watercolors. He is learning not to try to give me the sponge. All I want him to do is push it around. I am trying to learn the best way to put color on it, to keep it from getting muddy. The layers have to take time to dry. Clifford loses patience sometimes. He actually picks it up and throws it once in awhile, like any other frustrated artist! HA HA!!!

This is his third painting. Here you can see the small even strokes, as he kept removing the sponge from the paper to try to give it to me. This is called, “Rowboat”.

Here he was learning to leave the sponge on the paper for longer periods. I thought he went a little overboard with the orange, but he seemed to like it. Maybe because it’s the color of his hide? Anyway, I liked the way this turned out after all.

“Iris”. Hoodathunk he would be so into the florals?! Here, there is more effort to keep the sponge on the paper, as you can see the shape of the edges a little more. He has also gotten into rolling it, so it makes interesting hatch marks too.

We took a few breaks in between, but by the time this one was finished, we were both ready to quit. It took a lot of concentration on both our parts. I’ve never produced abstract art, and I think these are a lot more interesting than anything I would come up with. It was really very fascinating for me.

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Cheryl Kugler said...

Clifford's new artistic talent is beginning to shine. That really does look like an iris! Can't wait to see more as they develop. Keep the peppermint coming!!