Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Christmas Carol

I have some short stories that are SHORT -- too short even to be Amazon shorts. But I found another way to publish them online. I will probably set up a link bar here on the blog. The first one came out yesterday. It's a funny true story about Amanda and me at Christmas time several years ago, when I was still married. It's called, "Another Christmas Carol".

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Ginger said...

Nancy you are hilarious. Another Christmas Carol was spectacular!! I am sorry you are divorced but you had to do what was best for you, Bravo for your strength!! You are a strong, brave woman and you do so much with your life, you can tell from the blog.Just keep praying about your financial status and God will take care of you, You must never loose faith. Faith is the key! God knows your heart and from your blog you have a beautiful loving heart and God loves those who love him!! Always keep God #1! God bless you and Amanda!!