Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Nancing Around

My alma mater, Lake Superior State University hosts an international “word ban” every year. This year they picked a few that I agreed with, including, “It is what it is,” and, “Sweet!” I won’t be sorry to see either of these go. I am sure “awesome” is long gone, but I’d love to see that one disappear in real life.

A couple of others I would personally banish are, “side profile” and, “totally”.

And then, of course, there’s, “Nancy”.

Here’s the thing. I am not at all happy about the current trend of calling men, “Nancy”. I’m hearing it more and more, and it’s not a complimentary thing. I was watching a (very lame) movie the other night and it came up again.

Actually my favorite movie, “As Good As It Gets” has a reference to the label too. Jack Nicholson says to Greg Kinnear, “When you are nancing around in your little apartment.”

Any guy who is called by my handle should take it as a compliment. I am way tougher than I look. I’m pretty smart. And I have good hair.

I think we need a new trend here. Let’s start calling wimpy men Dubya. Or Brittany. Or how about Paris?

Come on, “Shirley” there must be a gazillion other expressions or names we could pick. Let’s get creative!

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