Monday, January 28, 2008

The Sleeping Lion

Back in the early 90's I valiantly wrote my first novel. Ignorance is bliss, and my subsequent search for a literary agent, and cash spent on professional evaluations gleaned nothing. But overall, it was a good experience, and obviously I haven't given up writing.

I decided to post it online, since I don't want to invest in self publishing and relive the publicity throes of "Holding the Ladder". But it is an entertaining story and might be a good read for those who enjoy blogs.

The Sleeping Lion is the story of a battered woman who, while hiking in the mountains, is the first to witness a meteor falling from the sky. But the meteor is not a meteor. Her discovery leads to a mystery that draws her in, and she subsequently becomes a fugitive as she tries to solve it. In the midst of her adventure, she questions the existence of God and her own self-worth, and finds answers she wasn't expecting.

Check it out!

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josep lluis sanchez said...

is a wondeful page!!!