Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Today's Watercolor - Nuthatch

A nuthatch, commissioned by some folks who live on Nuthatch Lane. Kind of unfortunately for me, they picked the white-breasted variety which makes sense, because my favorite, the red-breasted, is not prevalent in this area.

But I was thrilled to get to paint a bird. 9 x 12" on watercolor paper.


jonipony said...

Beautiful bird painting Nancy! Do you do many bird paintings? What does this bird eat? The name Nuthatch sounds like it should eat nuts but it looks like it his a beak for insects.

Nancy said...

You're right! The white-breasted nuthatch eats mostly spiders and insects. The red-breasted, even though they have the same type beak, subsists mainly on conifer seeds. We used to feed these by hand. We had one called Bingo who was very aggressive. He'd drive the chickadees away and he could fit three sunflower seeds in that maw! I would like to paint more birds.

cat said...

be entertained