Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cognitive Skills (Or, What Clifford Did Today)

I just told my friend Ellen a little Cliffy story. It is cold and windy up here on the hill. The horses are SO HAPPY. They weren't even voracious for their hay as I imagined they would be. I had left a few carrots in a bag in the barn and they were frozen. I dropped one as I went into Clifford's stall, and since I had a bucket in my other hand he was focused on that and didn't notice the carrot on the floor.

"I dropped a carrot," I pointed at it. "It's right there. Pick it up."

He immediately left the bucket chase to follow the direction of my pointing finger and get the carrot.

Sure, he can fetch a cone and other stuff, but this shows that he has a complete understanding of the whole "point and fetch" concept -- because he didn't know the carrot was there. I was pretty flabbergasted.


Victoria Cummings said...

Of course, his carrot radar was on. And besides, he totally understands every word you say.

Nancy said...

He sure does! Thanks Victoria.