Friday, February 15, 2008

Today's Project - Kitty Doe

Kitty Doe is still alive -- YAY! Her folks were kind enough to let me select from a bevy of pics. I chose this one with the fern because of the delightful array of shapes and colors. This is watercolor, 9 x 12". This actually turned into a two day project due to a lot of masking and layers. I made a video of this painting while it was under construction -- hope to have it edited and available for viewing soon.


Eirene said...

What do you mean, she's still alive? Why wouldn't she be?

Gecko said...

That is absaloutly beautiful, how jealous I am! I've given you the "Excellent Blog Award' because I love your artwork, come by my blog to pick it up. =D

Nancy said...

Chris, the "still alive" comment was a joke in reference to the post mortem portraits I've been doing of late.

Gecko, thanks so much for the award! That's really cool.

Anonymous said...

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