Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Excellent Blog Award!

Many thanks to my fellow blogger, Gecko the Aussie, of Geckomusings, for the award! I am so honored. It's funny too because I've had Australia on the brain a lot lately. My cousin who has a farm in New South Wales is currently visiting. My friend Kristi, who lives just down the road, has taken a trip there and is Down Under today. Last year I was contacted by an old friend I knew in Alaska, back in the eighties! Guess where she lives now... Right! Australia!

Then of course, there is my lovely Aussie shepherd, Ms. Ripple, although I hear they don't really hail from Australia. And I just finished blogging about Skidboot, the famous half Australian cattle dog.

I suspect there is a trip to Australia in my future. I don't know when or how... But I'll get there!

Thank you Gecko for the award!

1 comment:

Gecko said...

Definetly a hint you should come on over!