Monday, February 4, 2008

My Horse Art on eBay

I decided to draw a white horse to illustrate my Ghost Horse Poem which is on my hub. I like working with charcoal and conte so much that I sketched a buckskin as well. Commissions are great, but drawing horses is really my first love. Kinda takes me back to the old days when I used to sit up in my room and write hundreds of pages of horse stories, and draw illustrations for them. I guess I never grew up!

I was giving a talk at the Drummond Island Library a couple of years ago. The hosts asked the audience if anyone wanted to say something about my work. To my surprise, my oldest brother Jon (the mountain man) got up and went to the podium. He told the audience that when I was a really small child, I used to draw pictures with "text balloons" next to them, like they have in the funny papers. I was too young to write, so I made little dashes that were supposed to look like words. I was writing before I could write! I was really glad that he said this because I'd never heard it before. It was such a terrific affirmation of who I am, and that I have been doing the right thing with my life.

Anyway -- here are eBay links for this art work:
White Horse


Grey Horse Matters said...

Beautiful paintings. What a wonderful story from your brother Jon, being the younger one, you benefit from the older siblings memories of you. You are fortunate to have an older brother that obviously loves you and is proud of your accomplishments.

Victoria Cummings said...

Beautiful white horse, Nancy! I'm enjoying reading your Clifford book.

Nancy said...

Thank you both! Jon is a big rough neck who discovered horses just about ten years ago. He said if he'd only known how much easier they made traipsing around the mountains, he would have been in the saddle long ago! LOL He went riding with me on Drummond and was really impressed and surprised by how powerful Clifford was. I am glad you are liking the book, Victoria.