Thursday, February 21, 2008

Today's Watercolor - Kestrel

I had lots of fun last year when I saw a kestrel coming and going from a hole in the barn overhang. I stuck my head up in the hole and found four eggs. A few weeks later I took the ladder, stuck my head in again and found four little puff balls staring back at me.

I didn't interfere with them, even though I SO wanted to grab one and raise it myself. But they did come out and they spent the rest of that season shrieking and calling to each other while the parents fed them. It was so wonderful and I so hoped they would come back this year... Alas. Maybe in the spring?

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Eirene said...

What a great story! I wish some interesting bird would take up residence in MY barn. I just have a slew of barn swallows.