Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Thinking Horse - Part 2

Ironically, I was investigating the subject already when something happened in the barn. Clifford, who often lets himself out of the stall if I leave the door unlatched, did so that day. I was busy with the water bucket, and didn't really mind. He often wanders loose around the backyard. There was a blizzard outside, though, and the snow was really piling up. Since I was down at the end of the aisle, I couldn't do much about it when I heard Trudy's hoofbeats clopping across the rubber mat on Clifford's floor. She had walked in through his open Dutch door, and then let herself out into the barn aisle. She took off out the door after him.

I had two loose horses in a blizzard, snorting in the cold and geeking each other up. I had been wondering just what goes through their little noggins anyway. In my online searching, I found out that there hadn't been much research done on the cognitive skills of horses -- but what I did find was no surprise.

I wrote this article about it for my hub.


Grey Horse Matters said...

Great post and article on your hub! Of course horses are smart, only non-horse people would say they are not. There are so many instances that I have witnessed regarding horses, it has left no doubt in my mind. Some of my favorite ones include at least two of my guys figuring out the latches on round pens,gates and stalls.

Nancy said...

Clifford has a lot of freedom up on the Island in the summer. I'm sure you can imagine the things he has cooked up. He especially likes to do things that startle or get a reaction out of people. If we are walking down the road (he walks loose with the dogs) and a car stops, he will stick his entire head in the car window.

Grey Horse Matters said...

That is very funny. I would like to see the peoples reaction to him sticking his head in the car windows. We had a paint horse for many years "Lifeguard", my daughter used to take him swimming in Long Island Sound, one day he swam over to people in a rowboat and started splashing them. They thought that was the greatest thing ever, I'm sure he got the reaction he was looking for too.Don't you just love the different personalities of horses.